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Transforming Brands: Through personalized product storytelling, we capture the essence of your brand with captivating visuals, driving market impact and fostering lasting connections.


Captivate your audience by showcasing your products and services. We can also make your real estate listings skyrocket with immersive video tours. Need a video for a different project? No problem, we are here to bring your vision to life.


We offer various photography services such as corporate headshots and wedding photography tailored to your needs. We are also open for other projects. As always expect attention to detail in every project.



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Nature’s Serenade

“Working with Ricky was a fantastic experience from start to finish. His exceptional talent as a videographer, combined with his genuinely cool and insightful personality, made the project not only successful but also incredibly fun. What began as a professional partnership quickly evolved into a lasting friendship, thanks to his engaging approach and creative ideas. Ricky’s expertise in crafting visually stunning videos brought my watchmaking studio to life, capturing the essence of my work with remarkable clarity and beauty. I’m already looking forward to our next collaboration, confident in the magic we’ll create together once more.”

Vallah 23

Vienna, Austria

“For our garlic production, Ricky captured the entire process in a compact video. He demonstrated not just his professional skill but also his commitment to quality. Ricky is approachable and his considerate manner alongside his natural sense for creativity and strive towards excellence significantly enhanced the collaborative experience. Working with him is not only easy but also a genuinely pleasant and productive endeavor.”

Viana Hnos SRL
Mendoza, Argentina

About ME

Welcome to my world, where creativity meets with technology, and every frame tells a unique story. I’m Ricky Viana, a passionate Videographer and Photographer based in Vienna, Austria. I was introduced to DSLR photography by a friend and quickly fell in love with capturing life’s moments through my own lens.

I am proficient in video editing and photography using Premiere Pro and other Adobe CC applications, I draw inspiration from cinematic movies and stay familiarized with social media trends for example TikTok Youtube and Instagram.

With experiences acquired in both America and Europe, I bring a multicultural perspective to my work, connecting with stories in English, German, and Spanish. Recently, I’ve embarked on aerial cinematography with drones, capturing breathtaking perspectives.

Looking forward, my goal is to establish a video marketing company focused on innovation, quality, and cultural resonance. I would love to undertake any challenge to have an exciting creative journey together!


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Vienna, Austria