About ME

Welcome to my world, where creativity meets technology, and every frame tells a story. My name is Ricky Viana and I’m based in Vienna Austria. Let me tell you how I fell in love with the arts, specifically Videography and Photography. My journey began when a friend of mine invited me to take pictures with his DSLR camera, at first we were just having lots of fun and he taught me a lot of valuable things, but not after long I found myself having a fascination for capturing moments through the lens of my own first camera. This passion rapidly evolved into a profound love for videography.
With a keen eye for detail, I have refined my skills in video editing and photography, while us-ing Premiere Pro. I love taking inspiration from cinematic movies and always keeping an eye on the everchanging trends of social media such as Instagram and Tiktok.
I am lucky to have lived in both the American and Europe continents, which has enriched my perspective giving my work a unique cultural sensitivity. This, combined with my proficiency in English, German, and Spanish, enables me to connect with a wide array of stories and vi-sions, bringing them to life with authenticity.

In addition, I recently started flying drones, allowing me to capture breathtaking aerial perspec-tives that had previously been impossible to achieve.

As I look forward to the future, my goal remains the same: to build a video marketing company that strives for innovation, quality, and cultural richness. Whether it’s through the lens of a cam-era, the flight of a drone, or the precision of an editing timeline, I am dedicated to bringing visions to life.

I would love to undertake any challenge to have an exciting creative journey together.